Wednesday, September 28, 2005

what snufkina calls a "what i had for lunch" post

For a day that I'd planned to spend in indolence, this one has been action-packed.

Gave away a couple of plants to a cute girl I'd found through Craigslist. I was falling behind on watering duties, and these two were rescues that didn't move me aesthetically, so I figured it was time for them to move on. Several of my plants are rescues; the orchids came from parties where the florist never showed up afterwards to claim them, the two I left at the dojo had been left behind by another tenant, and these two... I'm not even sure where the Christmas cactus came from. Poor thing kept blooming all the time in a desperate bid for attention. Are you sure you don't want anything for these? said the cute girl, with her black hipster hair and little hipster buttons on the strap of her army surplus bag. Just don't let them die, I responded, that's all I want.

After that, market and library. Huge pile of fiction, long and short. I'm very excited. I'm trying to spend less time online and more with my nose in the pages. To that end I also bought a new used copy of Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita to replace the one I left in Berlin. The woman who sold it to me didn't even know she had it. She claims not to read fiction. How the owner of a used bookstore can not read fiction is beyond me, but I digress. Don't worry, I told her as I headed up the stairs to the second level, you'll have it, everyone does.

And I went to my annual yoga class. And two flamenco classes, and the second half of a bellydance class. Went to the bank, went to Walgreen's, picked up a couple of modeling jobs, touched base with a few people, had a very interesting phone conversation with my mom. My god, I am unstoppable.