Sunday, September 25, 2005

getting your nose out of shape

Intense weekend here, in the good way; the universe has been dropping lovely surprises all over me this week. I will give you one image. No, two. Here's the first: a major anti-war protest and San Francisco's first Love Parade (a Berlin import) scheduled for the same day (that day being the one before the Folsom Street Fair, as it happens). Two groups of people--one sensibly-shod and bristling with signs saying things like, "Clinton: One BJ. Bush: Screws the Whole World". The other decked out as for Burning Man, with holographic pants and cowboy hats, riding around on day-glo fake fur-covered flatbed trucks pumping house music.

And the inevitable confused souls trying to find the right group. Priceless.

Here's the second.