Friday, September 16, 2005

go ahead and keep eating while i talk

Said the governor as he took the stage. Because you are all looking very puny. From behind the bar at the other side of the lawn, I tried to flirt with the snipers on the roof, figuring they could see me through their telescopic sights. The assembled lawmakers rustled in the hot Sacramento breeze as they tried to balance plates full of food and glasses of white wine.

Since then Arnold has weighed in on sodas and high-fat foods in school cafeterias. And while I understand that some districts stand to lose money because they have deals with the soda companies, I don't believe they should have signed those agreements in the first place. Now if we just had some proof he was committed financially to these schools, as well as to the shape of their students.

edit: Jamie over at Politic Worms has some choice words about the governor's commitment, or lack thereof, to schools and to teachers. Check it out.