Tuesday, September 20, 2005

sorry, can't help you with that

I've been trying not to get too meta, but I can't pass this up: the two most unusual searches that have lately delivered my blog into unsuspecting hands:

Brazilian dog sex and bottlecaps smell like urine

I so don't want to know.

In other news, I've decided to make myself a fancy, colorful vest and hat and walk around the Powell Street BART station and up and down the main drags of my fair city, helping out tourists. Coming back from the Art Institute this afternoon, I helped two batches: an Indian family trying to get to Chinatown, and a severely underdressed Liverpudlian couple trying to get to Union Square... the long way. Nobody warned you about the weather, huh? I asked the woman, shivering in her shorts. It'll be nice here next month. In the meantime, may I suggest either the Mission District, or Sausalito?

In both cases, I even gave accurate directions. Versus my occasional perverse desire to point people in completely the wrong direction. I'm not like that. Really.

At least, not often.