Wednesday, March 23, 2005

there's so much i want to tell you

What it was like Saturday night, the moment before I went on stage, or the taste of risotto made especially for me last night by a friend who was concerned that I'm not eating enough vegetables, or going undercover Monday with Princess, dear friend and food writer, to check out an underground dining experience where we sat on sofa cushions on the floor of someone's house and the "waiter" had a cigarette hanging precariously over the cheese plate...even what it was like this morning, bleary and cold, modeling for gracious new people and loving the fact that they all drew my thighs like tree trunks...

But. The most exciting news, that I have had two amazing potential writing projects drop into my lap in as many days, also means that I probably won't be blogging as extensively as I would like for the next few months. I haven't got a contract in hand for either piece yet, and I need to buckle down and put my energy towards generating copy. Good copy. So that some nice people I've never met will believe I'm the one for the job. I believe I'm the one for the job, and that's a good start, but there's all that actual work involved.

More deets when I have agreements. In the meantime, shorter posts. Doesn't mean I don't love ya.