Tuesday, March 15, 2005

ripping off sei shonagon

Things That Are Lovely in San Francisco in Mid-March
1. bending for a penny, and finding that it is actually a shiny Swedish 50-ore coin

2. women with fresh flowers in their hair

3. a babushka with a truly monolithic bosom wrapped in a mustard cardigan at the Ukrainian consulate

4. hot Chantico "drinking chocolate" from an otherwise-evil coffee conglomerate one shall not name

5. Washing eight different forms of glue out of one's hair and letting it rest for just one day between dress rehearsals

6. Learning that the guy who owns the closest convenience store to one's apartment is a Kuwaiti-born Palestinian, and who agrees that visiting Detroit is like going home to the Middle East

7. finding a newly-opened restaurant that makes chicken fesenjoon, even if one is moving too fast to stop and try it

8. testing every single glitter-containing product at Sephora, so that one walks out shining and reeking of flowers (although it's a good thing one did not see these as one is trying to save money to go to Berlin and besides one does not want to spend her days licking her own arms)

9. finding the letters and diaries of Mikhail Bulgakov collected into one intriguing book at the library

10. disco-napping before joining one's troupemates at Nikkie's to dance and pass out Undulation flyers