Tuesday, March 08, 2005

oh for fuck's sake

I thought I was all set on having someone sublet my place while I was gone, a woman who'd seen it listed on Craig's List London. And then I just now came home to an email from her, IN ALL CAPS, flipping out because she hadn't understood that the price I was quoting was in pounds (I was very, very careful about that), not dollars, and she's so sorry but she sure can't afford that, and she wishes me good luck in finding someone else.

I leave in a month and a half. I have not got time to go through the rigmarole, calling references, etcetera in that time. So I wrote her back with a reduced rate, even though I was livid.

My mother has a challenge with a good friend of hers who doesn't read things carefully. I'm starting to know how she feels. And this I so don't need on top of yesterday's surprises. Fuck.

Would anyone else like to climb on my back today? Apparently there's still room.

edit: It gets better! I just opened a phone bill to discover that SBC is charging a lot more per minute for international calls than I was told they did.

I'm afraid to open any more email. I'm afraid of what else might pop out. Bleah!