Thursday, August 04, 2005

what are you overusing?

Me? "Seem", "just", and "much". Show up far more in my writing than is strictly necessary. I would say that this fabulous little site has helped me see the light, except that it has a sister site by the same designer where you can put in any word and it'll spit back all the cliches it can find that use that word. And "see the light" is right up there. So let's pretend I didn't say it at all, shall we?

Anyway. The WordCounter is a truly nifty little tool. Maybe this is possible in some kinds of word-processing software, but I wouldn't know, as I am stuck with this weird open-source WP program Muscles put on my laptop after he exercised the nuclear option on some viruses by wiping my hard drive. Try it, it's fun.

Well, fun in the geeky "reads the dictionary for kicks" sort of way.