Friday, August 19, 2005

as i wait to hear if the police actually come to shut up the neighbors

I'm having myself a delightful little stumble around, and tonight's theme is apparently cats.

So here are some kittens. Just a lot of kittens. A lot a lot. And as MonkeyScientist notes of Andre Brunsperger's photos, cats are pretty much the same everywhere, as evidenced by this:

There are some other neat ones, like these guys. According to the info page, Brunsperger survived a heart attack and a five-year coma; when he came to, he dropped IT work to be a wildlife photographer. Can you blame him?

And no, I am not the one who called the cops. But I went upstairs to ask them to turn down the monster television (it's one in the morning here), and had to bang pretty loudly on the door before the male came to see what the noise was. The minute he closed the door, his next door neighbor, who I hadn't met before, opened his and we had a nice little chat about how much we'd like to get some sleep, and how difficult that is between the television and the whooping and of course the orgasms, and he mentioned that he'd called the cops already tonight.

Are you the writer? he asked after we'd established all that. Leading me to wonder what the building manager is telling people. Yes, there's a writer living under the stairs. Like a troll, but better.