Friday, February 18, 2005

small pleasures

1. Fixing the bed; now it's high enough to store luggage underneath, and hopefully my 4x4s will hold up better than those crappy little IKEA legs.

2. Getting the press release pretty much done; I have a few details yet to beat out of someone, but the heavy lifting part is over.

3. Going out to El Rio for the troupe's last night there to make some noise in support. Drinking a German beer in MonkeyScientist's honor, or perhaps in preparation for my trip in April (I suppose I should also build up a tolerance for sausage and mustard, which doesn't sound all bad), and discovering that beer makes it easier to zaghareet (ululate) loudly and at length. They looked great tonight, and the crowd was into it; a fitting end to a years-long relationship. Hopefully we'll have a new monthly gig at a place in my neighborhood, which would be very cool from a logistical standpoint. Getting down to El Rio from here is a bit of a strain in full costume and makeup.

4. Ripping all of my CDs onto my computer, thus making it possible to work to music for seven or eight hours at a stretch. I know, you all knew how to do this already. I don't know why I resisted.

I know, dull post. But I'm waiting for water to boil, and procrastinating on some reading. I'll try to come up with something appropriately psychotic some other time.