Tuesday, February 22, 2005

damn, but i'm having a good day

1. Had a lovely modeling session with a man who decided to "throw away [his] agenda for the day" to focus on drawing my hair (seriously, too funny), and then let me choose one of the drawings to take home, which almost never happens. Behind him, I could see his wife diligently preparing papers to marble. The three of us had a nice chat as we worked, with a CD of Yo Yo Ma's favroite music playing in the background.

2. My contributor's copies of San Francisco Magazine were in my PO box, along with a catering check that was a smidge bigger than expected. I hadn't thought I was getting contributor's copies at all, so this is great: I don't have to buy them, and I have one to send to my mother. The article is not quite as I remembered it; looks like a couple of my edits went ignored, but I'm not sweating it. Another scalp for my belt. I'm feeling much stronger now about pitching other magazines with my Ukraine ideas.

3. So far I've had nothing to eat today besides chocolate-covered donuts (sadly, not Bob's). I know, I know. I'll eat before my reading. Which is another thing about which I am completely stoked.

4. An unpleasant situation referenced a couple of posts back has been resolved, or is in a very positive process to that end. And I am feeling loving and generous to all and sundry once again.

5. The Pope can kiss my ideologically evil ass.