Tuesday, February 22, 2005

the really sexy part of bellydancing, part two

I can't talk about the choreography we're working out for the finale at Undulation 2, but I can say that rehearsal tonight was one of the best I've had with the company yet. It feels good to finally be incorporated into a piece and be able to contribute ideas about how it can be done, the music's intense, and the video Jill took of what we had at the end of the night showed something cool coalescing from a set of concepts and key words and the movement vocabularies of dancers from very different backgrounds. On an intellectual level, it was a very interesting look at how a thing of beauty is made; how the lotus grows from the muck of practice and pulled hamstrings.

But more importantly to the lewd-minded who think that bellydance troupe rehearsals are pure sex is the way we're all sort of rubbing against each other as we figure out how certain sections are going to go. Everyone is going to think we're all sleeping together, one of the more bodacious of my troupemates whispered to me as we waited for our cue to take the stage. I stifled a response about how that wouldn't be an all bad thing, and as the chorus swelled we went out with the others and tried to build a story with our swaying bodies.

It's going to be hot. If you're in town, you should buy your tickets now. As I breathlessly wrote in the press release, this event will sell out.