Friday, December 10, 2004

proud to be a fruit beer swillin' smelly ol' liberal bongo-slapping hippie

Poor AX. In his endless quest to bring rootin' tootin' bloggy goodness to the masses, he occasionally finds gems like this site, where you can buy all sorts of things like T-shirts that show you believe we should "nuke 'em all and let Allah sort it out." I just hope he hadn't finished a nice big meal when he rolled into MetroSpy. I've had an apple and some chorizo, myself, and am feeling queasy. I'm also tempted to disinfect my keyboard, or my eyes, or something.

Is it snarky for me to point out that these people can't even freaking spell? "Dispite"? "Site" for "sight"? Is it their patriotic, God-loving fervor that makes them type so fast and ignore spellcheck so thoroughly? Or is that the "fukkin liberals" mentioned on their Frogweenies bulletin board have taken over our educational system and rendered everyone illiterate?

And we're supposed to reach out and make nice-nice with these people because their man's in office for another interminable four years? I'm not feeling the love, here.