Wednesday, October 13, 2004

where's indri?

Mom's been in town since Saturday night, and we've been running around a lot; you might think that I'm spending the days trying to wear her out. Especially to hear her tell it. Yesterday we drove out to Napa and I modeled for a new group that just wuvved me to bits, so that was fun. Then Mom and I (yes, she knows I model and is cool with it; after all, she did it before I did) looked for something to do in Napa that didn't involve wine culture, and you know what? There ain't much.

So we went bought lots of silly food at Dean and DeLuca, which is sort of a story in itself, and picnicked, and then went to see D and her goats.

This picture is of a randy billy goat. So you know what such a guy looks like. He's especially anxious because a female on the other side of the chainlink "wall" is in heat.

I'm probably going to be sporadic for the next few days, but I'm back on the blog train. Never fear.