Tuesday, October 19, 2004

thunderbirds are go!

It appears that I will be dancing in public next week, in the sense of deliberately dancing as a performer for the first time since joining the troupe nearly a year ago, at a fundraiser for Cyclecide. They were on tour, a big-rig driver fell asleep at the wheel and totalled their bus, now they need a new one, their friends and colleague troupes are throwing an event at the Odeon to scrape together some moolah.

Which is probably, for you, what I've been calling MITIN: More Information Than I Need. Just a sign perhaps that I'm a squidge nervous, and trying to not think about being nervous. Our troupe is performing under a different name, we're doing a piece that we're still working out, and we'll be wearing different costumes than we do ordinarily. So I guess everyone's going to be a little off-balance, right?

The really funny thing that struck me last night at rehearsal, though, was this. The piece is big; it's being choreographed to include all of us. So relative height is very important. Can't have shorties in the back or Amazons in the front, right? Bad sight lines. So Jill had us all line up in height order so Holly could make a list. And I was third from the "tall" end. I would have been fourth if Kristin had been there, and I actually think I'm a hair taller than Erica, but still.

At 5'6", I'm at the tall end of the spectrum.

That never happens. Only when I was teaching aikido to children could it be said that I was consistently the tallest person in a gathering or group. And some of the teenagers, well, it was just a matter of time before they shot past me. For some reason I thought this was really funny, and I was stifling giggles as I stood there staring at us in the mirror. Jill shot me a look, and I had to admit why I was laughing.

And that was without the platform boots. Heh heh heh.