Friday, October 08, 2004

cascading but pleasant weirdnesses

Goddess bless the 21st Century.

My mother and AX's are getting acquainted via the comments section of my blog.

When I knew I was going to blog about AX and I doing whatever you want to call this--breaking up is not quite the phrase, let's try reshaping the basic material--I wrote emails to the two women I have laughingly referred to as my sisterwives, warning them that I would be talking about our mutual friend here, and that if they didn't want to hear about it, they should stay clear for a while.

One wrote back thanking me for the warning, and later kept me up to speed on whether I could expect to see her at an event we would likely both attend. The other went and read the relevant post. Then she invited me to join her last night (at the same event, incidentally); afterwards she brought me home and planted me on one of her couches in her funny Thai pajamas. This morning she made Stuffed French Toast (good lord) and I washed a huge pile of dishes out of gratitude for her generosity of spirit. On the #5 Fulton bus we sat across from a young man with a perfectly tended low mohawk and a serious tool belt hung with what looked like implements of mass demolition, big heavy pointy steel bars; he read Chuck Palahniuk, she worked on the sleeve of one of her fairy blouses, and I squinted against the sun, feeling my headache recede and thinking about what size of plastic box would best fit the various kinds of paints--acrylic, water-soluble oil, textile, gouache--that need to be sorted in my studio.

Tonight I'm going to a friend's to watch the debate; we're going to see what kind of drinking game we can make up around how often Bush says his job is hard. I expect to be pretty toasted by the time it's over. Tomorrow I'm going to the zoo and my mom is coming into town to eat sushi for a week.

This is not what I expected from my life, and I'm glad of it. I couldn't have planned this. The grace keeps showing up in the most unexpected places.