Wednesday, April 28, 2004

what he said

Have you noticed that when Micah Holmquist posts a link, sometimes every letter in the highlighted section takes you to a different place? That is some intense shit. Forgive me if this is old hat to everyone else, but remember that I just tonight figured out how to send a text message. I am even more convinced now that I need to jump in the car and drive the three and a half hours to Cadillac so I can peek in his windows and learn all his blogacious secrets.

Anyway. I just wrote this long post about 3Jake being circumspect about writing to other bloggers, and then one careless fingerswipe knocked it out. Completely demoralized (and anxious to go Eat More Chocolate and then crash) I leave you instead with a very interesting article from Jordy Cummings about being an American Jew who believes Ariel Sharon is a butcher. Cummings hits many of my points, and does it more knowledgably. Thanks Micah.