Wednesday, April 07, 2004

"I'm one of the lucky ones... all they did was beat me."

I haven't said much here about our situation in Iraq because I feel like so many people are doing a better job than I on the Iraq blogging front. Not to mention that I bring it up when I can in my paid writing; sometimes whether or not it's really germane.

Which is why I'm pointing you to an entry by a 24-year-old woman who calls herself River. The ever-interesting Inveterate Bystander says of her that she is "a good writer but peevish and short on the political overview." I beg to differ; she may be peevish, but I'd say she has cause... and sometimes political overview isn't as important as telling a well-focussed story such as this chilling one about a young Iraqi woman trying to find her family members after their questionable arrest. I think it's critical that we see these stories, especially since we're not going to get them from our regular news outlets.