Saturday, February 07, 2004

wasn't I just talking about this?

Snufkina's honey hasn't been paying attention, and brought home some of the evil toxic spew they're inflicting on our innnocent children.

The funny thing about the post, besides the post itself, is the advertising that comes up at the top. I don't know if you'll see it when you follow the permalink, but there were two ads Google attached when I was looking. One was for stuffed monkey toys and paraphernalia, which is not surprising. The other was for a product to make women smell not like women, if you catch me. The irony will become obvious if you visit. Gotta love that intelligent ad-selection software.

In other news, I might just have to watch the Grammys tomorrow night. They're taking Earth, Wind and Fire and Prince out of mothballs. The latter's looking pretty good, if the tv ad I just saw is any indication. TV ads: have you seen the one I just saw, for AT&T? Complete and total Matrix ripoff?

I'm going to have to change my prognostication on the Michigan caucus. Kerry did end up making a triumphant public appearance, Dean cut his visit short, and Kucinich--who has some support from the blue-collar segment--did visit after all. Could be strongly Kerry after all. Oh, interesting; Kucinich is taking 8% of Washington State with half the precincts reporting. He's third. Behind me, Mom is cutting up cereal boxes and commenting on how strange it is that Senator Levin (D-MI) has publicly endorsed Kerry--Carl never endorses. Wow, AFSCME is pulling their support from Dean. Ouch.

I see how people get sucked into CNN. Especially when the alternative is eXtreme athletes saying things like, I am so pumped I can't believe it over and over again.