Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Qabalah flashcard progress

Aleph through Cheth are done. Ox to fence/field. Cheth is path 18; it connects Binah (understanding) to Geburah (strength). So far I love the paths most because they're so evocative. Understanding to strength. Wisdom to mercy. Eight down, fourteen left to draw. I'm especially happy with the camels I drew for Gimel and the safety pin for Vau. Sweet Snufkina called tonight and talked to me as she was nabbing tunes for a CD she's burning for me; this flashcard thing suggests to her that I might be getting a little weird.

I didn't tell her I was thinking that I might draw my own Tarot cards, next.

Next up: the Tubes twins, humping cats, yet more musings on body hair, 1/6th scale candy bars, and the best governor Michigan has ever had.