Tuesday, February 24, 2004

oh, for crying out loud

Citizens are freezing and starving to death in the streets.

We are reviled all around the world for our blundering, dangerously self-centered foreign policy.

Working people can't make ends meet.

Our children are barely educated.

We're about to start sucking the juice out of the Alaskan wilderness because we can't get our act together on energy efficiency and love our SUVs too much.

Halliburton can apparently do any old thing they like without repercussions.

How is protecting the "institution of marriage" our Number One Priority? In what universe is preventing the joyful union of two people going to make things better for everyone else?

I would be a lot more eloquent about this, or at least I would like to believe that I could be, but I am swaying on my feet after a totally enervating day of airplane travel, listless airline employees, and general pack mule activity. I just wish I hadn't come back to Detroit to see that Bush is still sawing away at a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. I'm cranky enough as it is.

I just know that twenty-five years from now we're going to look back on all this with some embarrassment; as a thought exercise replace the word "gay" with "interracial" or "interfaith" and follow it with "marriage" and just look at how absurd the idea of a ban is. Allowing "miscegenation" and interfaith marriage was going to mean the end of everything good and true too, remember? And has it? No.

And while I'm thinking about it, how many gay couples do you know that have been forced into a long-term committed relationship because one member was accidentally pregnant? Hmmm? Like all those shotgun weddings are really a shining example of the sanctity of the marriage bond.

Yes, it is that simple. I don't often say or believe that. But I believe it on this one. Just that freaking simple.

Tomorrow or soon: fun with bacteria, why I shouldn't be allowed to beachcomb, moneymaking opportunities in the travel oxygen business, and the sudden horrible moment where I realized that I was turning into an old roommate's evil boyfriend.