Tuesday, March 28, 2006

kristy from colorado solves anna k's problem

I love the book reviews on sites like Amazon. Here's one from Barnes and Noble:
This is a decent book, though very long, and could be shortened a bit. Some pieces seemed to really have no purpose. You have to be a fan of the classics to get thru this book, but all in all it is a good read. Trying to imagine this as it was written, over a hundred years ago, and experience life as it really was back then is thrilling. My only comment is that Anna Karenina was a spoiled brat as were the other women in that high society. Had they had jobs, or had they done something to occupy themselves, I think they all would have been happier.

Thanks everyone for checking in on me, post-Undulation. It went well enough, but raised a lot of issues for me. Still processing. And sleeping!