Thursday, May 26, 2005

where in the name of sam hill am i?

1. These neighbors wake up to loud television, not German rap music.

2. This bed feels weird, and I get all the blankets.

3. American Airlines did feed me on the longest of yesterday's three flight segments. Twice. So I really didn't need to buy those two sandwiches at Heathrow. Or more accurately, I didn't really need to eat them both.

4. Someone needs to get to dance class pronto (see #4).

5. Only one plant dying/dead. Not bad. And none of the others seem traumatized.

6. My girls met me at the airport. When have I ever said that about someone? My girls. So glad to see their sleepy selves, even if I was brewing a tantrum by the time they got there.

7. Do I wash this clothing, or just burn it?

8. Only eleven phone messages, several of them automated. That's a relief. I was imagining a disaster I might have missed.

9. Oh yeah, I was going to renew those library books online. Heh.

10. English, English everywhere. Oh my yes.