Sunday, May 22, 2005

another good reason to live in the bay area

This stunningly gorgeous woman used to be a member of the troupe I'm with, and was also one of my teachers. Hard as this is to believe, she is as patient and kind as she is beautiful, and I was very sad when she left the troupe. She also stopped teaching for a while, and when she started back up, it was at times that are hard for me to make if I want to train with my own artistic director.

But I may make more of an effort when I get home.

The effort I would encourage anyone in the area to make is to see Kristina at one of her upcoming performances. Besides her regular Thursday night gig at Amira in the Mission, she'll also be doing a fundraising event on June 19 to support SWANABAQ, Southwest Asian and North African Bay Area Queers. She's dancing with two other former UG's: Sami, an excellent example of why men should bellydance, and the lovely Frederique, who did the amazing duet with Jill the second night on Undulation.

All I can say is, make sure you've got fresh batteries in your pacemaker. You'll need 'em.