Wednesday, November 24, 2004

what, you need a minyan for a circus?

Went to see Polk County at the Berkeley Rep tonight. Mixed experience; the show itself was strong, but I was in a funk that I was having a difficult time shaking. Winter is always a hard season for me, even out here where it's not so awful...the reality that MonkeyScientist will be gone come the new year is sinking in...I'm questioning my commitment to the troupe...and I'm feeling bored in my work, all three strands of it.

I'm just feeling kind of stalled out today, on virtually every front; I'm less than three weeks away from 35, and feeling like I should have my shit more together by this time than I do.

Anyway. In the lobby after the show, I ran into Bounce, a fight choreographer I had the real pleasure of interviewing a couple years back for an article. He was a real friend during the time my dad was failing; said some very useful things nobody was saying. So we're talking, and I notice that he's wearing a ring on the meaningful finger, and he admits that he's getting married come January. I give him a big hug and tell him how happy I am for them, and he says, rather abashedly, not to B, but to K, who I haven't met.


Bit of a U-turn there; last I knew (which I believe was April) he and B were solid. So I stood there for a moment making these chewing motions, and then I told him I was very pleased nonetheless, whoever K was.

Then he told me that right after the wedding, he's getting on a cruise ship (sans bride) for six months to perform in a new Cirque du Soleil project. He'd gotten the call two weeks into rehearsals. They needed a tenth man with his skills; how soon could he get to Montreal for an audition?

I was so happy for him, on both counts. So much exciting stuff is happening for him that for a few minutes after I took my leave of him, my mood was much better.

Then of course I started wondering when Cirque du Soleil was going to call me and tell me that they needed, oh, a tenth blogger to send to the Carribbean, and my funk sifted back in through the cracks. Now I'm home and feeling listless.