Thursday, November 11, 2004

under her skin

Here's the 2005 reading schedule so far for the anthology I'm in. I'm definitely going to read in San Francisco and Berkeley; there is a possibility that I might read in Cambridge as well. If one of these is in your town, stop by in any case; there's some great stuff in the collection.

February 11: Politics & Prose, Washington DC

February 22: Modern Times Bookstore, San Francisco

February 24: Black Oak Books, Berkeley

March 10: Center for New Words, Cambridge

March 22: Bluestockings Bookstore, New York City

Pooja is talking about getting together dates in Seattle, Chicago, and Pittsburgh as well; I'll post those as soon as they're firm. Also, there's going to be a review of the book in the December issue of Elle magazine. Yes, I find that weird, but what can you do? Publicity's publicity.