Saturday, January 24, 2004

Snufkina kicks some ass

So I'm not going to tell the story, because it's hers, but the short version is that Snufkina saw a drunk hassling a woman on BART, and went to her rescue, and there was blood and stuff involved. While ten other people sat by and watched. She's brave, Snufkina is; I am reminded of a conversation I was having recently about how so often we encounter some noisy confrontation between strangers and aren't sure whether to intervene. In fact, she's here in my lair, and like two teenagers writing a letter to their friend, I'm going to get her to put down the bat finger puppet and come over and say hi.

Ok, so I've stopped playing with the bat finger puppet (who was chasing the mouse finger puppet, mind you) to chime in...although I don't know if I can do my dear friend's blog justice...she is a highly skilled writer...and I am a lowly peasant. But apparently I do kick some ass. There was indeed a drunk, hassling this poor woman, and I put the bastard in a choke hold and pulled him off of her while 3-4 men on the train just sat there mute - how dare you interrupt my important paper reading? Ok yikes...that's enough for now...but next time some damsel in distress needs saving, I hope to be there...he he.

ArchitectX talks about primate dominance games and their manifestation in every facet of human culture; Snufkina and I just had a whispered conversation (there are other people crashed out here tonight) about the difference between the way boys and girls fought in high school. In my school, Effete Central, of course there were no fisticuffs. We just tried to outsulk each other. But a friend who went to a tougher school tells me that when the boys fought, it was mostly talk while the combatants waited for someone to pull them apart. Whereas when the girls took off their earrings and high heels, they were deadly serious.

I'm not really going anywhere with this, just setting the stage for the post S will write when she gets home. I'm sleepy, she's sleepier; we're off to sleep the sleep of the just.