Saturday, January 31, 2004

progress report

1. It is astoundingly dry here, between the oxygen machines, the air purifier, the central heat, and the fact that it's winter. I'm starting to wish I had a CamelBak because I can't seem to get enough water down.

2. Lately the chicken tenders from Kroger have had rather a lot of pepper on them. Mom has threatened to sic me on the chicken tenders people. I am like a blunt instrument.

3. I know who the Salem Stalker is, but why has Marlena apparently gone bad?

4. Television is every bit as stupid as I remember it being.

5. Scottland, PA is a very funny film, especially once you realize that it's Macbeth set in a fast-food joint.

6. I have been out of the apartment once since I got here Tuesday night. It's now Saturday morning.

7. Dad is up to the Hittites.

8. I move any of my mother's stacks at my own peril.

9. I finally thought to go on Tribe and do a search for interesting people in this zip code, and almost all of the 144 people who came up are apparently Goths or Goth-curious. Quite a few are also interested in Chaos Magick. Which makes me suspect that had I stayed in Detroit, I would have headed in those directions as well, simply to preserve my sanity.

10. If you know me, write to me! I'm starting to feel like an ingrown hair.