Saturday, January 03, 2004

ow, ow, ow

Reading someone else's blog... she appears to be a perky high school student, but god knows, she could be a burly 43-year-old security guard named Stan. Anyway. Black sans-serif text (no capitalization) against a bright pink background. And some lavender text that follows the cursor around like toilet paper stuck to a shoe. Ouch. My eyes hurt.

Here my one--ONE--New Year's resolution was to not talk so much shit about other people, and already I'm vivisecting this young woman's design sense.

I didn't even make it four whole days.

But really, my eyeballs feel like they're vibrating. And I'm also giving serious thought to getting back under the hood of my own template and making some changes. In my abundant spare time.

Another note of little consequence: I'm regretting that I never studied Latin in school. Thought about it, especially right after I declared my linguistics major, but didn't do it. Now my silly "learn 101 languages!" software has yielded up a bounty of Latin terms, and I'm having a lovely time. Here's the one I remember:

et cetera

(of course pronounced, if you're an ancient Roman, "et ketera") literally translates to and/the other things. "Cetera" is a whole word for "the other things." I love it! Those Romans were so precise!