Sunday, December 14, 2003


Still waiting to hear about Brazil. Tomorrow is the day by which they announce their selection. Almeida reassures me that my topic is interesting, and I fantasize about asking the cute Brazilian who works at the pizza place across the street from my house to help me learn Portuguese.

One more day. Grrrr.

Bizarre weekend of work, involving a great many things catching on fire. I will write more later, but as friendly as the Goth barrista is to me (we have a certain service worker camaraderie), eventually he's going to boot my butt out of here. Also I have an essay to go write. I am wired on mocha. A friend has loaned me a car for a month (!) and I am tempted to drive around all night simply because I can. It's not currently raining, and yesterday I spent a whole bunch of money on a bottle of expensive perfume for my birthday and I've been thinking a lot about female identity again. Just looked at a (male) friend's blog for the first time and realized that we are sort of like the two sides of the same coin in where we are and what we're thinking about right now, which was very interesting. Or maybe the same side of two different coins. Huh.

Must go home and ride this wave.