Tuesday, December 02, 2003

how long have I not noticed how odd this is?

Soft Rock.

Just think about that for a minute. Soft Rock. Never mind for a moment that rocks are by their very nature hard; Hippo notes that perhaps the term is meant to refer to music that is schist-like (composed of a laminar structure that breaks easily?) or perhaps more porous than your granitey music. Okay, porous is a good word for some of this stuff, if we can also use the words spongey and damp. But I, not surprisingly, digress.

Now there's Soft Rock and Hard Rock and Death Rock and Rock en Espanol and so on and so forth, and I'm thinking that just maybe the term "rock", relative to music, has been stretched to cover so much territory that all the oomph has gone out of it, like the elastic in those panties you keep just in case you're late to laundry day, and now they're effectively much larger than they were when you first bought them, and felt sexy in them.

And I wonder why people wriggle away from me at parties.

Had a meltdown in Jill's class last night; too stressed out by the newest eviction and the goopy weather and then she was having us do things I'd never done before, and she wasn't breaking them down because it was an intermediate class, and I just lost my shit and had to sit out the drills. Not proud of that; even worse was that my other teacher was there, and a couple of people I'm friendly with, and they were all concerned and I was embarrassed and wished I'd made it look like I'd just remembered that my oven was on and slunk away gracefully. So tonight's class with Patience was much better, especially since nobody else showed up and it was all about me, me, me, and Reverse Egyptian and Fake-Out Turn and Over-Shimmy until she probably wanted to scream. But she didn't because she is a good and kind and thorough teacher, and I am now feeling much more competent.

The funniest part, though, was hanging out afterwards with her and a couple of other women from the pro troupe, and talking about body hair and the sleep habits of friends. Grace's boyfriend not only talks in his sleep but tells complicated jokes in any of the three languages he speaks. Fluid's cousin sleeps with her eyes open and rolled up in her head (ew!). Meanwhile the conversation about body hair was enlightening... all I'll say about that right now is that if you think women don't notice hair on other people's bodies (male and female), oh boy.