Saturday, December 20, 2003

five golden toques

I wish you could hear Princess doing his mother's voice saying, "I just love Christmas music. I wish we could listen to it all year!" Princess is one of the sweetest, best people I know, hands down, and even when he's catty it's not like a nasty big cat, it's more like a fluffy kitty with a bow in its fur (god, he's going to shoot me). Even making fun of his mom, he does it lovingly.

Every year at this time, I've got this in my head.

Yesterday, I had the music itself pouring endlessly all over me. I try to stay out of stores after, oh, Halloween, to avoid the 1001 Strings versions of Little Drummer Boy and all the rest of it, but I really needed some office supplies. So there I was in Staples, gritting my teeth through the third version of "Let It Snow" they have on their tape over there and remembering my one professional foray into Yuletide retail, lo those many years ago when I worked at the Stonestown mall one Xmas. Ugh.

And then something came on I could relate to. I wonder if anyone else automatically substitutes "five golden toques" when they hear "The Twelve Days of Christmas"? Does anyone else remember Doug and Bob MacKenzie? Hey hoser, am I totally showing my age?

I feel like I'm also showing my provenance. Like, having this meme stuck in me will further the fiction that I'm Canadian. I didn't know this, but apparently the word "washroom" is a shibboleth indicating Canadianhood, and I regularly use "washroom". Growing up on the border confuses the issue, I guess.

Feeling particularly inane today. I had all these things I wanted to write about, but then I visited the raunchy, hilarious Pussy Ranch and she's so funny that I'm just feeling, well, maybe I'd better go take my shower and get ready for work and let someone else be amusing today.

Hark the herald angels and all that.