Monday, September 15, 2003

what's so common about the common cold?

Draining, draining, draining. Summer colds suck. This one seems to have knocked the stuffing out of me; sitting on a beanbag watching a documentary about four first-time Burners and their Profound Experiences, I found myself dozing off repeatedly. Great music, good editing, and as Poi puts it, flat.

Flat flat flat is probably as good a description of this day as any other. I went out with PRobot yesterday for the first time since our Discussion of last week. It was a good afternoon/evening in general, although it would probably have been better had I been healthy, and had I not harbored doubts that I hadn't had before Burning Man.

In other news, I got a note from my dad today. Typed. He sent a check for my plane ticket, some newspaper clippings about pandas and women basketball players, and the note. When I looked at the check, and the envelope, I saw that my father's usually very precise, draftsman's handwriting looked a little wavery. Mom says the chemo tires him, and I wonder if that's what I'm seeing in his handwriting. It saddened me, and it meant that every time the makers of tonight's documentary focussed on the Temple (the structure covered with memorials) I found myself wondering if at next year's Burning Man, I will be writing my father's name on the wall.