Tuesday, September 02, 2003

manna from heaven

Just quickly. In my studio this morning, trying to dig free of the drifts of Burning Man flotsam and scattered project stuff, bottlecaps fabric books powerdrill dremel camping gear resin cans beads buttons yarn clothing papers paint etcetera, trying to track down people to interview for articles due tomorrow, wearing my most hideous pants, my phone headset, and the sweatshirt I slept in. A knock at the door. Karate has taken a cab over from the house he's watching for an ex-girlfriend. Her fridge gave it up last night, and she'll be gone for another month. He leads me to the kitchen and shows me bags bulging with food. "Is it okay if I put it in the fridge here?" he asks. Well, duh. I'm no great fan of Lean Cuisine--you have to eat so many to feel full!--but hey, considering that I've eaten nothing but beef jerky, Triscuits, fruit leather and Tasty Bites for the past however many days, those sweating shiny boxes are like God's own Meals on Wheels right now.

So we loaded the freezer, and I am eating a pudding cup in celebration.

Back to work.