Friday, September 12, 2003

ketchup and cayenne

Modelled this morning for an art class where something new happened, which is pretty amazing considering that I've been at it for twelve years now. One of the students drew me with pencil on the first pose, and then on the second picked up a squeeze bottle of Heinz 57 and drew with that. And highlighted with chili pepper. And added texture with salt. The studio filled with the smell of ketchup, and the other students started smiling. On the third pose, she got a little more subtle, and either dabbed the condiment on with a paper towel or used a palette knife to create tone.

She drew well to begin with, so the resulting images were recognizable if a bit soft-focus. The effect was a little unnerving for me because I am, as the enlightened say, on my moon right now; ketchup spread with a palette knife bears a strong resemblance to menstrual blood. But they were interesting drawings.

I have a lot I should be doing this afternoon, like organizing my studio and going to the (air-conditioned) library and trying to find a diagram that will show me, once and for all, where my obliques are. There's a teetering pile of receipts and ATM slips to go into Quicken. I should be looking for an apartment. But it's so hot I'm tempted to just lay down and take a nap until it's cooler, Spaniard-style. Blood will out, I guess.