Thursday, September 25, 2003

let's have a moment of silence for the lagomorphs

Seems that Ahnold plans to cast Arianna Huffington in Terminator 4 and only the Green Party candidate was able to stay above the fray tonight. Nope, not surprised. Earlier today I was crouched down reading an Examiner article through the window in the box (yes, I know it's free; I still don't want to handle the blasted thing) and a street fella walking by said, "I voted! Yes! I voted already at City Hall! I voted for the Terminator! Yes! I voted!"

It wasn't until 1969 that there was universal suffrage for every Brit over 18. Imagine. It came in dribs and drabs over decades. First you had to be wealthy, landed, and male. Then the wealth requirements started coming down. In 1918 British women got the vote, but only if they were older than 30 (men: 21). Then it was 21 for everyone. Now it's 18.

Voting is incredibly, incredibly precious. Remember when all the people of South Africa got to vote, the first time? The election that brought in Mandela, still shaking off the prison dust? People all but crawled over broken glass. There was a great photo of a woman older than god pushing herself up from her wheelchair to stick her ballot in the box.

Do I really need to spell this point out? I mean, Ahnold. Maria Shriver speaking in front of the Commonwealth Club: "My husband blossoms in adversity." I don't care if Ahnold is some sort of plant, we need a governor.

Maybe it's me. I went to school in the state that elected Jesse "The Body" Ventura, after all. I am taking up a collection. Wind me up and point me at the state you want run by a blustering, short-sighted, musclebound bozo; I'll take care of the rest. All I need is airfare and a per diem.

In other news, I was looking for a Web site featuring merit badges for PRobot, and discovered that not only is there not a merit badge for procrastination (I would make one up, but...I have to go roll up my clean socks now) but they have discontinued some merit badges. Imagine! Botany; gone. Consumer Buying; gone. Masonry; gone. Rifles; gone--and is anyone cough Columbine cough cough surprised?

But here's the kicker. BSA has discontinued the merit badge for Rabbit Raising. I feel like I should be sad about this, except that I don't know why they were raising rabbits to begin with. Perhaps to have a steady supply of targets for the guys working on their Rifles badges?

I think we need adult merit badges. Yes?