Sunday, July 10, 2005

rove must go down

Miniver points us to this Newsweek article confirming that Karl Rove was the source who leaked Valerie Plame's name to Matt Cooper. This is disgusting, but at the same time... it is so beautiful seeing that self-righteous bastard's ass in a sling. Or at least, one can hope: there is the small matter of nobody in the Bush administration having to answer to the law (cough cough DickCheneyEnron cough cough).

Hopefully we are about to see that change.

edit: I had completely forgotten that Bush said he would fire anyone in the White House responsible for the Plame leak "at a minimum". I'm not sure what "maximum" might be; perhaps an all-expenses paid to Gitmo? But anyway. Both Bush and his press secretary McClellan have been going on about how Rove wasn't the leak, and how the guilty will be punished, and so forth.

Here's our chance to remind them. Move On has a petition in play. I never email forward these things to my friends because they all get them too, and I imagine I'll be deleting copy after copy this morning, but if you want to sign, go for it.