Thursday, July 21, 2005

drive-by crafting

I had this idea as I was falling asleep last night, and somehow managed to retain it through a night of interesting dreams. I've been having more luck remembering my dreams lately, but that is neither here nor there. No, I am feeling inclined to a random act of art-making, and I need help.

Here's the idea. I have a batch of pre-stamped blank postcards I bought last year with a project in mind that never happened, and Burning Man gift-making energy I have to put to use somehow since I'm not going to the playa this year. You have a friend who might appreciate a strange little mail-art collage from someone they've never met. Someone needs cheering up? A little silliness? Proof that occasionally the mailbox reveals something more than advertising circulars and bills?

E-mail me (button's at the right) with your friend's name and snailmail address (I'll dispose safely of the latter as soon as the card is mailed; I'm not harvesting!) and I'll make them a postcard with some of the stuff I have lying around here and a note that you were thinking of them. Readers I don't know as welcome to participate as those I do.

You'll be doing me a favor. Give me an excuse to break out the glue stick.