Wednesday, July 27, 2005

fake wigs and beards are not what we're looking for

Someone commented to Desyl's blog with this casting call for extras to fill out the new Pirates of the Carribbean movie. As sore tempted as I am to go, there are a few problems besides my being geographically challenged: I'm female (which would be okay if I were Asian, then I could be a random townsperson, but no such), I have most of my teeth, my beard is limited to a few chin hairs that get yanked as soon as I can feel them, and, well, I'm not naturally "hideously unnattractive".

Which begs the question, who is going to look at this and say hey, I'm hideously unattractive, I should go for it! For that matter, is there anyone who even fits that description in Los Angeles?

Read the call. Read the whole thing. It is in places unintentionally hilarious.