Thursday, June 09, 2005

sometimes i don't know which feels better when it comes to writing

Writing, or being done with it?

I know I've said this before, but I just pulled an all-nighter and am completely looped, so shoot me. Please. Sometimes the best part is the cessation of pain. This last section wouldn't have been so painful if I hadn't spent most of my time on it transcribing...what a colossal waste of time. But I made my deadline. Two more pieces for these people, small ones, and I am done. Or should I say, I am ready for revisions. Which are a given; there's a committee on the other end of the line.

The most amusing part though has to be that the power went out at about midnight. Occasionally it would flick back on, my printer and DSL box would come back up, and then pwifffff.... back down again. Upstairs my neighbor, deprived of blaring television, would curse. And I had just been thinking about how I should invest in a desktop machine, but I guess this was my message no. Non. Nein. Ni. You get the idea. Since I was working on a laptop with a full battery, I went into the bathroom and worked by the light of the emergency exit light (no, I don't know why there's an emergency exit light in my bathroom, don't ask. It's pointing in the wrong direction, too; if you took it seriously, you'd crash into the mirror). When that finally gave out, I figured I might as well nap for an hour, and then take my keychain drive over to Kinko's and work there.

Happily, the power came back on before that had to happen. So I could be sitting in the middle of the floor at 7 am, diligently applying Monster energy drink to my cavities and cheese popcorn to my arteries and cutting up the script with long shiny scissors and rearranging the pieces. Ah, it was beautiful.

Now the ogre returns to her cave for a few hours of sleep before knocking off some other writing. Yeeep.