Monday, June 06, 2005

the rat came back

Apologies, first, to everyone who has called today and gotten growled at; in a week, this big project will be signed sealed delivered and I will be human again. It's just right now that's so painful. The particular chunk I'm working on has none of the charms of the others.

Apologies to everyone else who was hoping maybe I'd gotten interesting again: nope. The good writing brain is nowhere near the blog. Nope. Nope.

BUT I thought I would mention that I saw my rodential friend scurry by today, this time on the other side of the redwood fence, and I was glad of it. I had just been reading that the Cahuilla people of Southern California kept roadrunners as pets, which I thought was kind of cool and unusual; the suggestion was that they didn't restrain them in a cage the way we might a parrot or a budgie, but encouraged the birds to hang out close by.

So I'm thinking of this guy as my pet rat. He doesn't live with me, I have no cage for him. He just shows up when I need a spot of brightness. Hello! Hello!