Thursday, January 13, 2005

this was bound to happen someday

But I am still very distressed to see that you can now buy pre-made duct tape wallets. The whole point of the exercise was that you could make your own wallet with something you had lying around the house. And if you were vegan, you could still carry a stylish wallet without something having died for it. You could customize it, use different colors of duct tape, make prom dresses and alien costumes using the same techniques. It was cheap, it was funky, it was transgressive.

Now geeks who need a place to store their "bling" but don't want to get their hands sticky can just buy a wallet. They've even come up with a special kind of duct tape that's better than the old kind because it won't stick to all the "dog hair and lint" to be found in geek pockets. Is Monsanto behind this? The Ducti wallet is the Roundup-Ready of duct tape wallets

This is just wrong.