Monday, January 10, 2005

the brats upstairs

Must know, somehow, that I've just lost my playmate; they've bumped up their frequency to twice a day. I think they wait until they're sure I'm home before they start screwing. I heard her door open and close, one says. That's the sound of her bootheels, says the other, you wanna get it on?

But I have a new secret weapon. Streaming Berliner Rundfunk 91.4! With all the charming randomness of European radio stations, plus people talking fast in German. It's perfect for my purposes. Right now it's the morning drive-time show; Elton John singing "Nikita". Before this I got some ABBA, some Paul Young, Tight Fit doing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," yesterday it was the Traveling Wilburys and Alphaville jumbled up together. Bee Gees! Credence Clearwater! I've been listening on headphones, but I'm about to pull out the jack and turn it up.

Take that, you wretched children!