Tuesday, May 18, 2004

place holder

Chicago was great, and soon enough I will detail some of the embarrassment of riches that was the weekend (there are more than 200 live theaters in Chicago, did you know that? I didn't.)

That will be after I've caught up on my sleep, and had a chance to clean all the gunk out from under my nails from a foray into the darkest wilds of Mom's 'deep storage' unit this afternoon. But suffice it to say that I shot something like 150 photos (don't tell, but a lot of them are closeups of flowers and butterflies--I am such a damn girly photographer, and a lunatic with a macro lens), ate Chicago pizza and Chicago hot dogs, and did not lose my life to my aunt's terrible driving.

And the new photo here, replacing the drawing of Himeji Castle, is my father and my aunt as children. He was hogging that puppy, my aunt told me as we pored over the album.

In case you're wondering, it becomes clear from the photos (not this one, it's too small here) that I look a lot more like my father than my aunt, to whom I bear very little resemblance. Bit of a shock; I never really thought I looked like him. But in the photos from the fifties, when his face was still soft and hairless, you can see it.