Thursday, May 13, 2004

my kind of town

I'm hitching up the 'hound tonight; taking a midnight bus to Chicago for a few days with my aunt. Should be interesting. Although I was born there, we moved when I was three, and only went back at Christmas every year. So I have this skewed perception of a city perpetually covered in snow, fairy lights, and the best damn seasonal window displays anywhere. Should also be fun, although any trip there should be better than the last one, where we buried my father and listened to a little-known, heavily-medicated cousin refer to her mother as a, a, oh geez. I can't write the word. Here. It's a compound. The first word is a perfectly good anglo-saxon word for female genitalia that has, unfortunately, become very ugly in usage and rhymes with "runt". The second word is "rag." Got it?

This trip is going to be better, It has to be. Catch you Sunday night.