Tuesday, August 19, 2003

unexpected travel plans are dance lessons from god

Thank you, Bokonnon; thank you Kurt Vonnegut. Today I found out that I am being evicted. My situation was always a tad dodgy, and I saw this coming, but I really did not prepare as well as I might have. So, a week before Burning Man, I have to hustle up some boxes, rent a storage space, try not to get too flustered. Eeep. I am trying to look upon this as an opportunity. Yes! A great big chance to get to know all of my friends' couches Real Well. I'm loathe to take another place, make another commitment, in light of the fact that I might be going home to be with dad in the forseeable future...so I tape and pack and wrap and toss.


I'm still planning to make as many bottlecap fetishes as I can to give away at bman. There are about a dozen on my desk waiting to be drilled and jumpringed, another dozen awaiting resination, and a shoebox full of empty bottlecaps that need to be rinsed. It's kind of exciting, in light of the fact that I'm shuffling everything around anyway. Tonight after work if I don't get to visit Purring Robot I may just come home and get medieval on my stash of magazine pages. I have also discovered that glitter sticks to that plasticky fabric paint really well, so I can embellish with that stuff and use up some of my seemingly endless supply. PRobot and I had a discussion about art supplies recently. He's of the mind that one can never have enough; I feel like it's possible to have so much that one becomes paralyzed by all the choices and shuts down. One of my most creative evenings in the past few years came when I was out a retreat center whose art room contained nothing but crayons, glue, construction paper and magazines; I was perfectly happy without all the nonsense I've managed to accumulate here at home.

Of course, maybe if i collect enough paint and fabric and glitter and esoteric tools, I'll reach some sort of critical mass and create some masterful, gorgeous thing. Effortlessly.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.