Wednesday, August 27, 2003

the building has been full of noises tonight

I don't know if that's what was making me edgy, or the fact that I hadn't gotten enough sleep in a few days (sleeping on the floor will do that to you, I guess) and have still more to do than time to do it. But I'm feeling a little calmer plans for sewing a whole new playa wardrobe overnight have quietly fled. I did finish one pair of loose 'harem-style' pants that I'd cut from a sheet and sprayed with Dharma's great new permanent dye. Got the waistband in, after more tries than I care to admit, and elasticized the cuffs. Results are mixed, but now I have something comfy to dance in, and one less orphan on Ye Olde Project Pile.

I swear, I sew the way some people drive. Real fast and loose, as though I know what I'm doing when I totally don't. At least I haven't sewn any important openings shut lately, or accidentally hand-sewn some small, delicate item to the clothing currently on my body.

Tomorrow--later today--Burning Man! I'm finally really excited about it. Probably because I realized the implications of all that music (and all those Clif bars and so on Almeida and I bought)--I'll be able to dance for four days solid if I like. Wow.

I'm also excited, admittedly, because I miss PRobot a little. He left yesterday to collect a friend, and it took them a while to get it together, so they were leaving Reno when he called tonight/last night/whatever it was. We haven't made any sort of plan or anything, any sort of playa 'date', but hopefully we'll be able to track each other down reasonably soon after A and I get there.

Last batch of bottle caps did not turn out so well. Oh well. I think I have about sixty ready to go--that's decent.