Friday, February 24, 2006

thank you for my new ear

This is a commercial Web site, with a twist; it belongs to a retired CIA disguise master who couldn't just hang out and play golf all day. He decided to take what he knew about building facial prosthetics and help people who were missing ears, eyes, noses, fingertips, nipples... it's pretty amazing stuff.

Especially when you look at the page comparing ear reconstruction surgery with the prosthetic ears. Apparently it's hard to grow a convincing ear on someone who was missing one to begin with. Bob Barron has had a lot of people come into his office after surgery failed.

Looking at the photos and reading the testimonials, you realize that there are people here who probably go out as little as possible because they don't want to deal with being stared at. With a little painless non-invasive work, Barron can fix that.

Heck of a second career, no?