Sunday, January 22, 2006


Can't find the Henry Miller quote about how it's possible to be living too much to spend time writing it down, but that is what the past week has been like. Keep seeing, doing, and thinking things I'd like to blog, but I'm wiped out by them too. Modeling, seeing performances, learning to play cribbage, dancing for three solid hours at Bondage a Go Go, seeing this dance piece and Underworld: Evolution the same evening, and then a "pancake salon" today at Bunnyslope's, where eight of us ate "surprise pancakes" (will it contain nuts? Chocolate chips? Gummy worms? Avocado?) and did some psychic barnraising around art, right livelihood, and coming to terms with money. It's been a fascinating and intense week, even not counting the story titled "how it took Indri five hours to buy three pairs of socks while nearly getting arrested for breaking and entering", but right now I need a nap, and then I've got a couple of articles to write.


Don't let me forget.