Friday, January 27, 2006

friday night roundup

It's nonstop fun around here, but I'm putting down the Cheddar Beer Kettle Chips (they've got Spicy Thai now too, and Roasted Red Pepper with Goat Cheese; what the hell happened to plain reconstituted potatoes pressed into consistent shapes?) for just a sec before I take to my bed with the next installment in the Dan Simmons Hyperion series (Endymion. Yes, I'm obsessed), where I will likely pass out mid-chapter, with the lights on. In no particular order:

1. Novocaine rules. Wednesday morning I had some dental work, and was numb up to the eyes and out to the ears. I like how the assistant entertained herself afterwards by handing me a cup of water and telling me to rinse. No control of my tongue or lower lip, and you want me to drink from a cup? When I think I'm about to swallow said tongue, or perhaps said lower lip? Which now ends somewhere roughly just above my collarbone? I am happy to report that I did not choke to death on half a sip of water, despite my best efforts. And that the people on the street who noticed that I was getting ice cream all over my chin and not noticing because I couldn't feel it, did not point and laugh.


Later that evening, some friends yielded to my fear that I will become a total reclusive hermit, and agreed to join me at a bar in the Mission, where we hung out and talked smack for several hours. This is actually kind of a big deal, as I am not much for hanging out in bars, and usually only socialize with one person at a time, as I am easily confused. It was really quite wonderful, I drank something weird made with mango vodka, and Snufkina is going to make herself a T-shirt that says "shiksa goodness". Any more explanation will belabor the point.

2. I am starting to think about grad school. Specifically, the MFA program in Creative Writing at SF State. If I think about it in terms of "how will this enhance my earning potential?" I have to sit down, I'm laughing so hard. But when I look at the course listings, I salivate. Seen as an opportunity to keep actively learning interesting things, it doesn't sound too bad at all. I'd be in my forties by the time I was done, but that's not feeling like as weird a concept as it was yesterday when I started doing the research.

3. Meeting other bloggers proves once again to be a worthwhile exploit; today I discovered that Writhing in Apathy is every bit as smart and charming as her writing suggests. Especially when she's impersonating an aged Irish Catholic nun.

4. Do you have anything this cool lost in your basement? I wish I did.